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19 Apr 2018 ( Strong Team of Ravy Angkor Tours)
19 Apr 2018 ( Strong Team of Ravy Angkor Tours)
Ravy Angkor Tours Co., LTD is a travel company whose experience in tourist hospitalitiy goes back to 1989 and has been independent in year 2000. The best qualiy and most affordable cost of visitor intake and reservation service is 100 percent guranteed to meet the requirements of tourists in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap, as well as in other province throughout the country.
Our Service:
- We have many type of our own air-conditioned vehicles to provide transportation for tourists in standard procedure of safty and security by equipped with Frist Aid Toolkit, Seats belts, Passengers insurance to our vehicles is a must of our company policy and procedure.
-We are able to arrange the Worldwide Airplane Tickets, Visa and Cambodia Passports Services.
-Our professional staffs are able to offer you the best ground service of Inbound Tours Operation in Cambodia and other Indochina Countries, likewise, Outbound Tours organizing in Asia, European country and so on.